What We Do

Loudoun Cares provides a Volunteer Center that matches citizens and businesses with charities and groups looking for volunteer support.

Our volunteer portal offers us the opportunity to bring all of our networks together.  Our goal is to bring the community together to support volunteerism. The Volunteer Center portal can be utilized by corporations to find corporate social responsibility volunteer opportunities, residents can use the portal to find the assistance they need for those less fortunate or unable (such as shoveling snow for the elderly), and nonprofits can use the portal to encourage large-scale volunteer projects that pair highly skilled persons in Loudoun with opportunities to give back to the community, while reducing their overhead costs.


The roots of the Loudoun Cares Volunteer Center began as the Loudoun County Volunteer Center in 1980 as a link between individual volunteers and other county nonprofits to assist with problem solving, promoting volunteer opportunities, group service projects, volunteer referral, recognition, and training.  The center was renamed Volunteer Loudoun in 2010.  In early 2013, while facing funding constraints, it was decided that Volunteer Loudoun would seek a partner and talks with Loudoun Cares began. The boards of Volunteer Loudoun and Loudoun Cares soon determined it would be in the best interest of both groups for Loudoun Cares to absorb Volunteer Loudoun under the Loudoun Cares nonprofit “umbrella” and continue the valued vision, mission and goals established by the Volunteer Loudoun board of directors.  Loudoun Cares would position the Volunteer Center for growth as it would link well with other Loudoun Cares programs, such as the Loudoun Cares Claude Moore Community Builders youth volunteer program. Additionally, the premise of volunteerism is strongly embedded in the nature of nonprofits. As the coordinating body for Loudoun’s nonprofits, Loudoun Cares was a natural fit for the new Volunteer Center. As this program matures under Loudoun Cares, we will continue well-known events such as Volunteer of the Year Awards, and Volunteer Management Training programs. The Volunteer Center enhances the county function of bringing citizens together to volunteer. This program fosters volunteerism and a community spirit to improve the services available for Loudoun’s residents. The Loudoun Cares Volunteer Center offers a portal where everyone in the community can gather to share volunteer opportunities dedicated to serving Loudoun.


We have developed program targets and metrics to collect monthly outcomes related to member agencies, member agencies posting their “Needs” and “Events”, volunteer sign-ups, volunteer hours logged, visitors to the site, and much more.  The charted ebb and flow of monthly activity enables us to focus on real-time results to then adjust strategies to ensure maximum effectiveness of the site, keeping the site the dynamic tool it was meant to be.  Improving statistics requires intense site management and communication with member and non-member agencies, local corporations, and the community at large.  Improving statistics translates to the amount of community connection that is taking place, a goal that is paramount to us.

We are proud of these outcomes in as of the end of 2017:

  • Since launching the site in 2016, 121 new agencies have become members of the site
  • As of mid-December there have been 38,173 “Agency” views and 65,787 “Needs” views from volunteers
  • 450 new users have signed up to help our local nonprofits since Januray 2017

Our portal allows for independent volunteer/agency matching based on the information that is provided on the site. We manage the vetting process and we communicate with the agencies to ensure accurate published information.

Loudoun Cares works to connect and deploy volunteers of all ages into our community. Through our Claude Moore Community Builders youth program, our Volunteer Center, the Volunteer of the Year Awards program, and Volunteer Management Training, Loudoun Cares champions volunteerism in Loudoun County.


Thank you Loudoun Cares and LINK for assistancing me with my electric bill. I am really grateful for the support of Loudoun Cares during my time of need. It's a true blessing to have an organization like Loudoun Cares supporting the community and working for the greater good. I am truly appreciative!