COVID-19 Help

Loudoun Cares is dedicated to helping our community make it through COVID-19


The COVID-19 Emergency Fund and Helpline is staffed by Loudoun Cares and Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington and responds to requests for financial assistance.

Trained staff from Loudoun Cares and Catholic Charities work together to complete an intake process and assess the needs of each caller.

Loudoun residents who need help paying rent and/or utilities as a result of lost wages from the COVID-19 crisis can call

COVID-19 Emergency Fund and Helpline at 703-669-5040

Staff and volunteers can provide assistance in any language, using interpreter services. In addition, cal specialists will help identify additional government, nonprofit, and faith-based resources. 

COVID19 Emergency Relief Fund and Helpline

The COVID19 Helpline connects Loudoun residents to the resources they need to help navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact us at (703) 669-5040.

Helping Families

As of Aug 4, 2021, Loudoun Cares has helped over 750 families in Northern Virginia that were severely impacted by COVID-19. Many of the members of these families were laid off from their job.

Distributing Funds

As of Aug 4, 2021, we have distributed over $1.36 million in COVID-19 relief to families in the Loudoun area. These funds helped to keep these families in their homes and their lights on. 

COVID-19 Success Stories

Single mom struggling with rent

Rachel is a single mom that was let go from her job in June and did not qualify for the county’s Limited Rent Program. She was recently able to start work at a local Loudoun hotel. Because she was unemployed for several months, she was unable to pay rent. With help from our Faith Network, we were able to help cover her rent. Rachel is set to move forward with her life and stay in her home with her 12-year-old daughter.

Laid off from her job

Emily worked in the hospitality industry in Loudoun and was several months behind on her rent. In April she was furloughed due to COVID, but was recently let go from her job. Loudoun Cares provided assistance to her through the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. She is now looking for a new job while staying in her home.

Reduced hours resulting from COVID19

Bob works at a local restaurant and has had reduced hours since the beginning of the pandemic. He is struggling to keep his young family safe in their home. We were able to help with several months of rent and utilities while also referring him to other nonprofits that could help with food, diapers, and job services. 

Thank you to our partners at Catholic Charities for helping us answer the call


Platinum/gold sponsors

Loudoun Cares wants to thank all our supporter for their dedication to our cause. With their help, we can continue to connect those who serve with those in need to build a stronger community.