What is Loudoun Cares?

Loudoun Cares is a Leesburg-based nonprofit serving residents of Loudoun County, Virginia. We have two major resources that serve the community – our online Volunteer Center to link volunteers to hands-on opportunities where help is needed and the Information & Referral ConnectLine to connect people in need with critical aid and resources.

 I want to volunteer in our community, but I don’t know where to begin. 

We know how daunting it is to want to help but not know where or how to get started – our Volunteer Center is the perfect place to begin! Loudoun Cares is home to the county’s only online portal connecting volunteers with local non-profits in need of support. In 2018, the Volunteer Center connected roughly 1,700 volunteers to local nonprofits. The Center currently has 190+ nonprofits registered and receives between 80-100 new volunteer registrations each month.

I’m interested in hands-on volunteering at an event and connecting directly with a cause I’m passionate about. How can Loudoun Cares help?

Our nonprofits and social change organizations could not fulfill their missions without the time and dedication of local volunteers. Residents interested in volunteering, should visit our online Volunteer Center to connect with a cause you care deeply about or identify an organization looking for help on a day and time you are available.

We’re a business/corporation and want to expand our culture of giving back at the local level. How can Loudoun Cares help?

We work with companies to create customized programs and help advance the field of traditional volunteerism. Schedule a sit down with us to find out how we can help your company get started. email: info@loudouncares.org

We are a local nonprofit and need help getting more volunteers. How can  Loudoun Cares help?

Your job is hard enough – let us help by connecting you to more volunteers. Our network is comprised of residents and corporations who want to help you make a difference. List your volunteer needs on our online volunteer center and let the power of social networking work its magic.

We are a new nonprofit in Loudoun County and want to get connected with Loudoun Cares.

We encourage you to first reach out to our Executive Director Valerie Pisierra at valerie@loudouncares.org so that we can introduce ourselves and build a relationship with your organization. You can also immediately begin to connect with volunteers by visiting our online Volunteer Center and completing the agency profile. Once approved you will be able to post your events and needs for volunteers. To be placed in our Information and Referral database please contact Valerie Pisierra

How do I nominate a volunteer for the Outstanding Volunteer Awards?

Each year Loudoun Cares recognizes Loudoun County volunteers that have made a measurable difference to the people and nonprofits they serve. Nominations open each January and winners are honored at our Outstanding Volunteer Awards ceremony every April.  Click here  for more information about this amazing event or to nominate a volunteer.

How do I submit for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVS)?

Loudoun Cares is a certifying organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award through the Points of Light organization. Visit  https://www.presidentialserviceawards.gov/  for more information about the PVS Award. Submit for the PVS Award here

Who can get help through Loudoun Cares?

Loudoun Cares programs are available to all Loudoun County residents, as well as businesses and nonprofits that provide services to Loudoun County. 

What type of support is facilitated through Loudoun Cares?

Loudoun Cares’ Information and Referral ConnectLine is a trusted and reliable source to connect you to nearly 500 local programs that can help you with both basic (i.e., food, clothing, housing, utility/rental assistance, medical/dental, etc.) as well as specialized assistance in finding training, furniture, car repair, holiday toy programs, supportive organizations, home repairs, volunteer opportunities and more.

How do I get started if I need help?

It’s difficult to face crisis of any kind – sometimes you know what the solution to your problem is and sometimes you’re not sure how to get through the challenge you and/or your family may be facing. We can help. Start by calling our Information & Referral ConnectLine at 703-669-INFO (4636).

What can I expect when I call the Information & Referral ConnectLine?

Our compassionate specialists are here to listen first and foremost. We’ll determine your specific needs and help find you the resources, information or referrals to connect you with the many local service and support providers that are ready to pitch in. Our call specialists use a locally maintained database to give you the most detailed and up-to-date resource information appropriate to your needs – in the most efficient, effective and compassionate way possible. Once we’ve identified initial first steps for you, we don’t stop there. Loudoun Cares then takes the time to discuss additional scenarios to identify any additional services you might need – services you may not realize are available to you. In 2018 alone, our ConnectLine connected more than 1,100 households with over 150 programs that could help them through hardship.

How do financial donations help Loudoun Cares?

We recognize many Loudoun County residents volunteer their time with national organizations, through work, via faith-based affiliations and many other ways – but they still may want to help locally through financial donations. And those donations – both individual and corporate – are our lifeblood! Some of our generous corporate donors include United Way National Capital Area, the National Conference Center, Howard Hughes Janelia Research Campus, Backflow Technology and Northwest Federal Credit Union, among others. Through the generosity of our individual and corporate sponsors, we can continue to deliver our two major resources that provide: 1) residents in need with life-sustaining and life-enriching resources through our Information & Referral ConnectLine; and 2) residents and corporations the opportunity to give back to our community by donating their time and energy via our Volunteer Center.

Can’t I simply donate directly to a local charity rather to Loudoun Cares? 

Your financial donations allow nonprofits to benefit from the efficiency that our collaboration, referrals and volunteers provide, while also helping them to deliver their direct services. By giving directly to Loudoun Cares, your philanthropic dollars are supporting hundreds of nonprofits with a single donation!

I’d like to donate money to Loudoun Cares. How can I help?

If you are an individual who would like to help Loudoun Cares with your donation, it’s easy! Simply visit our web site: https://www.loudouncares.org/donate/. If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact Executive Director Valerie Pisierra at  valerie@loudouncares.org

Platinum/gold sponsors

Loudoun Cares wants to thank all our supporter for their dedication to our cause. With their help, we can continue to connect those who serve with those in need to build a stronger community.

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