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These programs are designed to assist a wide range of individuals and households. You might be closer to relief than you realize.

Loudoun Cares understands the challenges of housing cost burdened individuals and is dedicated to serving the community by providing rent, eviction, and utility assistance. See if you qualify below:

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Household Size
Yearly Income

*If you’re a household of more than 6 persons, take the pre-screen to see if you qualify.
*Income requirements for utility program differs, take the pre-screen to see if you qualify.

All applicants must complete pre-screening

About the Programs

Our Rent Assistance Program is designed to help households experiencing a housing cost burden (rent more than 30% of household income) resulting in unstable housing. Residents looking for rent assistance must meet program requirements, which may include working with a case manager and/or job services specialist.

Our Eviction Prevention Program is for renters holding an Eviction Summons (Unlawful Detainer) only. Given all other eligibility, you must have a summons to qualify for this program. Residents in the eviction process who meet program requirements are eligible to apply.

Our Utilities Assistance Program provides financial support to households who are struggling to pay their utility bills. Residents looking for utility assistance must meet program requirements.

All households must have been impacted by at least one COVID-19 economic factor.

1. Complete Pre-Screen – All applicants must complete a pre-screening here

2. Receive Intake from Agent – A Loudoun Cares Resource Agent will reach out to each applicant to determine eligibility at the phone number and email provided by the applicant. Intakes will be done in the order the pre-screens were received.

3. Submit Required Documents

a. Complete Participation Agreement (online form)
b. Submit Verification Documentation (secure upload available)

4. Agent Recommendation for Program Participation for qualified applicants to include:

a. Case Management Assessment
b. Funding based on determined need

NOTE: Participation in rent and eviction programs require Landlord participation alongside the applicant. Assistance is determined on a case by case basis

All households applying for these programs must complete a pre-screening below.

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