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Our Volunteer Center connects resident and corporate volunteers with local nonprofits looking for volunteer support. This program offers us the opportunity to bring all of our networks together through volunteerism.

The Volunteer Center portal can be used by corporations to find volunteer opportunities for their employees, by residents looking to give back to their community through supporting nonprofit events and operations, and by nonprofits looking for volunteers to assist with everything from a one-time event to searching for highly skilled volunteers to help with delivering their direct services reducing their overhead costs.


The Loudoun Cares Volunteer Center began as the Loudoun County Volunteer Center in 1980 as a link between individual volunteers and other county nonprofits as a means to assist with problem-solving, promoting volunteer opportunities, group service projects, volunteer referral, recognition, and training.  The center was renamed Volunteer Loudoun in 2010.  In early 2013, while facing funding constraints, it was decided that Loudoun Cares would absorb Volunteer Loudoun and continue to provide this services to the community. As this program matures under Loudoun Cares, we will continue well-known events such as the Outstanding Volunteer Awards, and Volunteer Management Training Series programs.

The Loudoun Cares Volunteer Center offers a portal where everyone in the community can gather to share volunteer opportunities dedicated to serving Loudoun.

Community Impact

  • The Volunteer Center has 240 nonprofits registered on our site. 
  • The Volunteer Center gets between 80-100 new volunteers register monthly for service opportunities
  • In 2020, the Volunteer Center connected roughly 1,700 volunteers to service opportunities with our local nonprofit.
  • Volunteers average 40 hours a year (nationalservice.gov). Conservatively, our impact is calculated using a rate of 20 hours annually per volunteer translating into 34,000 hours in 2020. With a rate of $28.46 (virginiaservice.gov) this translates into an impact value of roughly $967,640 for our local Loudoun County nonprofits.

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