Natalie Ramos


Fleur de Cuisine was founded by private chef, Natalie Ramos, and her daughter, Tiana, who for more than 20 years have been directly involved in the culinary industry.  The mother who was a domestic violence survivor needed a way to provide for her family so she leaned on her talent of cooking cuisine from the soul.  Tiana being an LGBTQ female struggled to find out who she was.  She saw her mother’s creative passion and at the young age of 10 knew she wanted to be a chef.  Inspired by their families heritage of Caribbean, African American latin descent, the flavors can be tasted throughout each dish that they make with love.  Together they have been featured in magazines such as Northern Virginia Living, Huffington Post, LA Times and most recently the television show chopped.  They believe in supporting local businesses and believe in giving back to the community that helped them grow.  Their love and passion can be found in what they call “Recipe for life where they focus on food, faith, fitness, family and finances” which can be found in every product.  Natalie Ramos was recognized as the 2023 Recipient award for rising star to the year for the National Association of Women Business owners and recipient of the 2023 superior service of the year for the Small Business awards for Loudoun County.  Natalie decided to join the Board of Directors for Loudoun Cares due to the fact that in 2015 she herself was a recipient of the aid that Loudoun Cares offers to the community after a dispute with Domestic Violence left her dissitute.  After receiving the assistance of Loudoun Cares, Natalie determined that her best suited value was not only in her cooking but in bringing affordable cuisine to assist individuals creating memories of a lifetime.

The duo realized the opportunity to establish a central online destination offering the unique advantage of employing chefs who, like herself, had all experienced working within the private house environment, in addition to bringing culinary satisfaction through meal planning, chefs on demand, private culinary classes and events and catering execution.  Together they strive to exceed every expectation, whether it is your custom curated event menu or our hand-selected ingredients.

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Loudoun Cares wants to thank all our supporter for their dedication to our cause. With their help, we can continue to connect those who serve with those in need to build a stronger community.