What We Do

Executive Consulting Program

Our Executive Consulting Program offers affordable consulting by experienced volunteer consultants to area nonprofits.

Our volunteer consultants are primarily retired executives who wish to give back by providing professional, affordable consulting services to help nonprofits achieve their missions. Consultants are selected for their knowledge of program content, consistency of approach and training that aligns with the program areas below. Let us know how we can help you achieve your mission through these services:

Self-Assessments – We conduct confidential surveys of your board members, analyze the results, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Board Retreat Facilitation – We organize and facilitate customized, one-day retreats to help your board members understand their roles, plan for the future, and address specific challenges.

Strategic Planning – We lead your organization through a structured process to develop specific plans to meet the long-term goals of your organization.

Board Development – We work with your board to improve its effectiveness in areas such as roles and responsibilities, membership, organization and operations.

Executive Coaching – A specially trained coach develops a one-on-one confidential relationship with your Executive Director to help him/her get better results.

Fundraising – We help you plan and establish strategies needed to build and/or expand fundraising, and analyze your readiness for fundraising efforts.

Custom Services – We work with you to meet specific needs in human resources, public relations, financial review, marketing, IT, and mergers.

Contact consultant manager, Mary Ellen Bowers at [email protected] to discuss your nonprofit’s needs.