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Claude Moore Community Builders

The Claude Moore Community Builders (CMCB) program was created by Loudoun Cares in 2007 and is a recognized program throughout the community. The program now being run by Loudoun Youth Inc is celebrating its thirteenth year in operation, this program was developed to instill a culture of service and leadership in our youth which ultimately aids Loudoun County’s ever-growing population.

Student volunteering is regarded by governments as essential to perpetuating an engaged civil society (Haski-Leventhal et al., 2008).  CMCB engages youth in meaningful volunteer opportunities that benefit the organizations they are paired with and the greater community as a whole.

To date, CMCB have connected 282 high school students with unique volunteer experiences at respected nonprofit organizations; supported the nonprofit involved to further their mission with additional help; endowed students with skills and qualifications that give them a competitive edge in terms of higher education and future careers and, very importantly, prepared them for a lifetime of service.

We completed our 2017-2018 program year in March and collectively, the Builders have served over 38,000 volunteer hours in the Loudoun Community in the past twelve years.  All our Builders received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award and have shown they are in our program for all the right reasons.

CMCB is a ten-month program running from June – March each year. Applications open in mid-March and at the end of April each year. Historically, approximately 30-35 youth have gone through the program each year.  The class of 2019 consisted of 40 students representing 15 county high schools.

If you are a 10th-12th-grade high school student in Loudoun County or know a student that could benefit from this program please see below for more information regarding applications for our 2019-2020 program year.


2019-2020 Program

Thank you for your interest in the 2019-2020 class of Claude Moore Community Builders.

Applications for the Class of 2020 are now open! Click here to apply!

For more details go to the Loudoun Youth website or contact Sarah Bauer at [email protected].


Claude Moore Community Builders has been funded with a generous grant from the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation.


Placement Nonprofit

The Claude Moore Community Builders are top quality volunteers. They tick all the boxes when they walk through the door.   

Christi Love
Co-Director / Heritage Farm Museum

Parent of Builder

I would recommend this program to anyone in a heartbeat. I know I will be bringing my son next year  

Class of 2017 Spirit of CMCB

CMCB is about, stepping out of your bubble, to help someone else in theirs . . . I think the most lasting impact CMCB has had on me has been granting me the knowledge that, as a team, we’ve made Loudoun a better place.  

Class of 2017

Class of 2017 Emerging Leader

CMCB has been influential on my life because it has taught me important life skills such as communication, leadership and cooperation that I will continue to use in my placements, school and my future. I have built many relationships and I feel that Claude Moore has opened many doors for my future. I have found my tribe!

Class of 2017

Parent of Builder

Our kids loved this program.