2022 Art Auction – Call for Artists

Call for Artist submissions is now OPEN!

Submissions DUE Friday September 2, 2022

Our goal is to highlight the amazing talent of our region’s artists while raising the needed funds to continue our work on behalf of the local Loudoun County Community. With that in mind, for every donated piece an artist can consign 2 pieces in the auction. We have set a minimum and maximum size range for both the donated and consignment pieces. Size of work submitted is at the discretion of the artists within this range.

Works can be 2D paintings or 3D sculpture

Minimum size: 8” X 8”
Maximum size: 36” X 36” 

Please, carefully read the following instructions before submitting artwork. 

Participating Artist Instructions 

We are looking for your best works that highlight your unique talents. We ask that submissions are works that have been created in the past 18 months. 


  • Family friendly work preferred (minors may be in attendance),
  • Artwork must be of the Artist’s own creation. No prints please
  • Artwork must be ready to hang 
  • Work containing appropriated content must be transformational or credit the original Artist
  • To be considered for the show, artists must donate a least one piece for every two pieced consigned. (Limit 4 consigned pieces)
  • Artists are limited to four consignment pieces. 
  • The auction has no theme. Happy Creating! 
  • Livestream – Not all Artwork will be part of the live stream although participants can bid on all pieces while bidding is open. 
  • Artwork presented in the live stream will be at the discretion of the committee. 
  • The mobile ReadySetAuction mobile app will be used for all bidding. 
Entries must be made online through the Loudoun Cares website: 


  • Submission Open – Wednesday June 15, 2022
  • Deadline for Submissions – Friday September 2, 2022 @ Midnight
  • Notification of Accepted Work – Friday September 23, 2022 
  • Artists Deliver Art – Friday October 14, 2022; time TBD
    Center of Innovative Technology (CIT) Building
    2214 Rock Hill Rd # 600, Herndon, VA 20170

******Please contact Jenny at [email protected] with any questions about artwork acceptance or drop-off. 

  • Unsold Art Pick-up – Sunday October 16, 2022 at CIT Building time TBD  

*******Please note the pick up date before submitting as we are unable to store artwork.


  • Artists must reside in the Virginia, West Virginia, DC and Maryland region. 
  • Primary Artists over 24 years of ages
  • Emerging Artists 18-24 years of age 


    • The auction will display approximately 80 pieces of 2D/3D pieces
    • Submission size is limited to minimum 8”x8” and maximum 36”X36”
    • All artwork must be original art of the Artist’s own creation. 
    • IMPORTANT! Painted artwork must be dry and ready to be hung.
      • A note on hanging, please make sure that your frames are dust and grease free, in good condition and your hanging wires don’t stretch over the frame when hung. D hooks are preferred, not required. If using prefabricated frames, please add wire unless they come with bendable saw tooth hangers. Frames will be checked at drop off and Artists will be required to adjust hardware if necessary. 
    • Every piece of art must be labeled with the following: 
      • Artist’s Full name
      • Artist’s mailing address
      • Artist’s contact phone number
      • Artist’s email address
      • Artwork title, medium, and size
      • Reserve Price (consignment pieces) & Market Value
    • Price of reserve – provide a reserve price for consignment pieces keeping in mind our goals for this event is to support Loudoun Cares as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit. A 20% markup will be added to the piece for  the starting bid. The amount of the reserve will go to the artist. 
      • For example: Piece A reserve of $500 will be marked up to $600 as a starting bid. If purchased, Artist will receive $500 and the remainder of the purchase price will go to support Loudoun Cares 
      • Final starting bid over the reserve is at the discretion of the LC committee
    • Market Value – provide the market value for your piece as if you were selling it at a regular gallery showing.  
    • All submissions will be approved by the committee ensuring the auction exhibits a variety of Artists that are representative of the work produced in our region. 
    • Loudoun Cares Volunteer personnel will display art at auction through a combination of hanging, easels, and tables. 
  • All artists must submit at least 1 donated piece for up to two (2) consignment piece(s) although an artist may submit donation pieces without submitting a consignment piece. (Artists’ max submission: 2 donated 4 Consignment)
  • Consignment Pieces – In order to be considered for selection of a consignment piece artists must submit one donated piece. (Within the size range). You may submit a maximum of 4 consignment pieces (up to 2 per donated piece) each by separate submission indicating if it is a donated or consignment piece. Please take great care in filling out the submission form. If submitting more than one piece, please copy and paste your bio and contact information into EACH entry. The selection of consignment pieces is at the discretion of the LC Committee.
  • Donated Pieces – You may submit one or more donated pieces without submitting a consignment piece. (Within the size range). If submitting a consignment piece(s) you must submit 1 donation piece (Additional donations pieces are always welcome!)
  • If you are submitting a Diptych or Triptych please submit as one submission using one photo of all pieces together.

Entries must include: 

  • A completed submission form 
  • One (1) jpg format image (Limit 3MB) per submitted artwork. 
  • Notes for submissions: 
    • Artist Bio – must be provided with each submission (200 word limit)
    • Artist Contact Info – see “ARTWORK SUBMISSION DETAILS” above
    • Artwork Details Info – see “ARTWORK SUBMISSION DETAILS” above
    •  Work may not be accepted without all required information.
  • Artists must pay costs of delivery and return and accept liability (if shipping). 
  • Gallery Agreement – upload a copy with submission 

By submitting work, Artist accepts the following terms: 

This agreement is part of the submission form. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY before submitting your artwork. The Artist grants Loudoun Cares (Beneficiary) an exclusive right to sell any submitted/accepted artwork while the work is on display at the auction. There will be no fee for inclusion of any accepted work while it is on display at auction. 

Auction sale proceeds of consigned works will be distributed based on the reserve price provided by the artist at time of submission. Any proceeds over the reserve price will go to the Beneficiary.

Auction sale proceeds of donated works will be distributed 100% to Beneficiary.

Disbursement of the Artist’s portion of sales proceeds will occur during the week of November 1, 2022. During the auction of accepted artwork, reception or post-auction events, Artist shall retain ownership and risk of loss for their respective artwork until sale or Artist retrieves unsold work. Artist expressly agrees to allow Beneficiary to photograph and reasonably use a limited number of images of Artist’s artwork for Auction advertising, receptions, or post-auction events. Such images of Artist’s work shall not be reproduced by Beneficiary as prints, copies or other forms of reproduction for sale by Gallery, Beneficiary, its employees, contractors, agents or business affiliates. All images of artwork and art originals shall remain solely and absolutely the property of the original Artist until such time as the original artwork is purchased or Artist otherwise transfers ownership by trade, financial transaction or by written agreement signed by the original Artist. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and local jurisdictions having authority. Declined Artwork questions may be directed to Jenny Tomlinson at [email protected], 703-669-2351 ext 103. We will make every effort to provide a prompt response. 

Thank you in advance for participating in this charitable event to benefit Loudoun Cares. We appreciate and value your contributions. 

Loudoun Cares is a 501c3. Those interested in sponsoring the event may contact Executive Director, Valerie Pisierra at [email protected]

Please complete the following submission form for each piece of work you are submitting. 


Platinum/gold sponsors

Loudoun Cares wants to thank all our supporter for their dedication to our cause. With their help, we can continue to connect those who serve with those in need to build a stronger community.