In the early 2000’s, as Loudoun County’s population boom continued, vulnerable residents presented needs for a variety of services that were necessary to maintaining a healthy quality of life. At the same time, a number of nonprofits who were providing those services began meeting to discuss concern over unstable lease conditions, rising rents, and continued competition with large nonprofits that were offsetting said services. From these meetings, Loudoun Cares was created in 2003 to form a nonprofit center that would provide stable and affordable office space, craft supportive service and reduce overhead costs.

The next year, Loudoun Cares extended its collaborative intent to government by partnering with the Loudoun County Department of Family Services (DFS) to alleviate the helpline call burden on their agency, resulting in the establishment of the Information and Referral Helpline. In 2010, the South Street Nonprofit Center was bought to house six nonprofits (with a continual waitlist of additional nonprofits) and offers an inspirational environment.

Today, Loudoun Cares serves the residents of Loudoun County by providing the South Street Nonprofit Center, the Information and Referral Helpline, the Claude Moore Community Builders program, the Executive Consulting program and the Volunteer Center.