Loudoun Cares operates on a lean budget, dedicating funds to programs with high impact, while building our infrastructure and developing fundraising partners. Our donors are pleased to recognize the credibility of our work, which encourages our existing donors to continue providing their support.

 Funding ensures that our base projects, the Information and Referral Helpline, the Volunteer Center, our Executive Consulting Program, Claude Moore Community Builders and the Nonprofit Center, are able to continue to function while we continue to enhance our infrastructure, which helps us to meet the needs of the growing County population.

Our newest investment in human capital (staff) and software/systems should allow our Helpline to continue to run smoothly while we build out our other new programs, invest in strategy and development and continue to work with the community to determine best practices, to identify the most vital needs and to serve as many citizens as possible.

Partners ($10,000 or more)

Loudoun County Government
Claude Moore Charitable Foundation
Bank of America
United Way
Community Church

Sponsors ($5,000 to >$10,000)

Backflow Technology

Our Savior’s Way

Supporters ($1,000 to >$5,000)


Friends ($500 to >$1,000)

Wells Fargo

Headway Church

PaulDavis Restoration
Richard DeButts

Crown Trophy, Ashburn